Sagamore’s Commercial Snow Plowing and De-Icers will Keep You Safe

Winter can bring out the worst in everyone. It’s an unfortunate side effect to cold weather, icy roads, and overall dreary skies. However, being prepared for winter is critical to ensuring that you aren’t sent home singing the winter blues all day. Investing in products and services to give you the easiest winter will just give you more time to enjoy the season. Though Northeast Ohioans might not want to admit it, there are some actually enjoyable parts to the winter season. Imagine being able to fully enjoy sledding, hot cocoa, and holiday cookies without the stress of worrying whether or not your employees at your business are slipping and falling or having your business season cut short because nobody could get into your parking lot.

The commercial snow plowing done by Sagamore is some of the best you can find. We have trained specialists to plow our commercial properties ranging in size, which assures that your customers will never have problems visiting your company. Your employees won’t have trouble parking, your customers won’t be turned away, and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that the winter weather won’t ruin business prospects with our commercial snow plowing services.

We also sell bulk salt and liquid de-icer. Bulk salt is a Northeast Ohio winter staple, and is used on most roads to prevent icing. However, our liquid de-icer is a newer product. This product is specifically designed not to clog up salt spreading machines, and is a recycled, eco-friendly product overall. Both our bulk salt and our liquid de-icer will help you keep your walkways safe, in turn retaining important clients and relationships with customers.

Invest in your company’s winter with Sagamore Companies. We know that you won’t regret working with us and letting us make your winter happier and stress-free.