Having a beautiful backyard may seem like a daunting challenge, especially if you aren’t exactly the outdoorsy type. But, with a few inspirational ideas, you will be set and on your way to a designer backyard that you’ll be proud to show off to your family and friends. Below are some ideas to get you started?

Add a playground for the kids: You don’t need to go to your local park in order to build memories with the little ones. If you add a playground to your backyard, the kids will be sure to be outside more instead of stuck in front of some glowing screen. To complete your outdoor look and protect the kids on their swing set and jungle gym, playground mulch is ideal to put beneath your little one’s feet. Places like Sagamore Companies have playground mulch that is extra-soft, making sure that your kids will be protected from scrapes and bruises on their playground if thy fall.

Playground Mulch

Use rocks for decoration: You don’t need fancy fences or expensive décor to make your backyard look stunning. Natural looking rocks are an aesthetically pleasing and inexpensive option. These rocks can line flower beds and patios, create paths, or be painted and put inside flower beds for splashes of color. Rocks can be bought in bulk to help you finish off your decorations in a one-stop-shop.

Rocks and Stones

Fertilize, fertilize, fertilize: The best way to make sure your lawn looks its healthiest is to fertilize it regularly. There are many different ways in which you can fertilize your lawn on your own, including using coffee grounds and other food products. However, the best way to make sure your fertilizer is well-rounded is to buy one from a landscaping company that mixes it on their own. Depending on the kind of grass you have, the landscapers will know what kind of fertilizer you need to make your grass its greenest.


Put in a pathway: Want your backyard to really stand out? A gravel pathway leading around your garden will encourage guests to see all that your backyard has to offer. Gravel pathways are easy to put in on your own, all you need is the gravel and a game plan. Maybe your pathway will lead to a bench, maybe it will lead to a rock garden, or maybe it will lead to a hammock. The creative part of choosing what’s at the end of your path is completely up to you, and there is a whole world of possibility!

Gravel Pathway

Make your flowers pop: Adding the right color mulch can make your flowers shine and be the focal point of your backyard. Not all mulch is designed to heighten the color contrast between flowers and their surroundings, but certain types are designed specifically for this purpose. For instance, Sagamore Companies’ Sagamore Silk mulch is designed to bring out the color in your flowers. Consider changing your mulch to make your flowers take center stage.

Right Color of Mulch