In the warmer months, spreading mulch and topsoil can be tedious and boring. All year round, spreading aggregate on driveways is just as dull. Many people have no idea that a useful landscaping tool is just waiting to be used by them. Because so few people know about slinger trucks, they have not gained as much fame as they deserve. However, they make the task of spreading any material, including topsoil, gravel, aggregate, and mulch much easier than ever before. Estimated times to complete cumbersome tasks can be cut in half using these trucks, which spread tons of material across large amounts of property. For instance, with slinger trucks topsoil could be spread easily over areas in which grass seeds have been planted to help grow the lawn. Dump trucks always require additional labor that slinger trucks don’t need. Slinger trucks are especially useful for contractors who work onsite most of the time, because although renting the trucks can be costly, the cuts in labor cost and time are more than worth the daily fee to rent the truck.

Slinger trucks work by putting material into the rear of the truck, which is set up in a concave shape. A conveyor belt moves the material to the rear of the truck and onto an extendable arm that moves in all directions, and shoots the material onto the land you’re working. The mobility of the arm allows the slinger truck to place material in exactly the spot it’s needed. It’s also a far-reaching arm, which allows it to overcome obstacles. Materials are spread more uniformly across your area, jobs which are much harder for wheelbarrows and dozers. Another benefit of slinger trucks is that they don’t even have to be brought onsite physically. Because the arm extends so far, the trucks can remain outside your work site, preventing any damage to them. Heavier materials, like gravel and backfill, are discharged at a slightly slower rate than lighter materials, like topsoil, but all materials the slinger trucks take on are discharged faster than manual labor.

Slinger trucks have improved over the years to allow for better mobility, all terrain capabilities, and sensitivity . Some can even be controlled remotely so that you can see your product being spread. They are a future technology that will be utilized for years to come in construction, landscaping, and many other lines of work, cutting labor costs to save time and money. Next time you take on a large project, like spreading gravel across a parking lot, or mulch onto community gardens, consider using a slinger truck to save yourself time, money, and worry. Sagamore Companies has a fleet of slinger trucks on-hand just waiting to be rented and used for your convenience.