One of the most essential parts of your outdoor landscape is the mulch in your flowerbeds. Mulch is essential to your home’s landscaping because it helps pack in heat during the cold summer nights and also feeds water to your plants overnight. Those are both pretty important parts of your home’s landscaping. Here at Sagamore, we have plenty of different kinds of mulches. After all, it’s our specialty. But, how do you know which mulch is best for your particular house? Well, here is a guide for each of our premium mulches to get you started on imagining your outdoor landscape.

Our most popular mulch is the Sagamore Premium. This mulch is perfect for anyone who has a typical flower bed. It enriches your soil and slowly composts, which helps feed your plants over time and means that you don’t have to water as much as you are right now. This mulch will not only make your plants healthier, but will also make your life easier. If you want to give your plants a real treat, the best mulch you could give them is Sagamore Envy. It’s like Sagamore Premium, but on steroids. It actually mimics the richest soil on the planet, and is jam-packed with nutrients that your plants need. While mulches in general reduce the weeds that are present in your garden, this particular mulch is best at fighting off invasive weeds.

If you are all about aesthetics, you will love our Sagamore Silk. This mulch offers a background against which your flowers and shrubs will stand out. We carry both brown and black blends, so you can choose the blend that matches your home’s exterior the best. This blend is perfect if you’re selling your home or showing it off to friends and family.

Sagamore Leaf Humus consists of organic material that will slowly compost into rich, black soil. It’s great for vegetable gardens and plants which require a lot of nutrition, because the continually composting material also continually offers nutrients to the soil. The Sweet Peet Mulch we carry is similar, because it also is made completely from organic composted materials and is able to be tilled easily at the end of the season.
Whether you want mulch to fight weeds or to make your flower bed prettier, Sagamore will have exactly what you need. If this guide still leaves you wondering which mulch you should invest in, no sweat! Our expert landscapers have been in the business for years, and can help you choose the mulch that will be perfect for your home’s flowerbeds. Our landscapers can even come and lay your mulch for you, because you have better things to be doing than getting sweaty and dirty outside. We want to make this process as convenient and carefree for you as possible—let us help you create a landscape that you’ll never forget.