Gravel is a different material than limestone, so it should be treated differently. When you think of gravel, you probably think of gravel driveways. Well, actually, the best way to incorporate gravel into your yard’s landscape is to use it for drainage or decoration. One of the most common applications of gravel is to create a gravel pathway in your backyard. Today, we are going to give you a quick tutorial on how to achieve a gravel pathway.

Before you even buy the gravel, you need to figure out where exactly your path is going to be. You should roughly sketch it out on a piece of paper and then mark it in your yard where you want it to go. You can use paint to mark it, or use string and nails to map it out roughly. Once you are done marking your yard, you’ll want to excavate your ground about 4 inches down. After you have excavated, you will want to edge the ground with wood. By taking treated wood and adding it to the inside edge of your pathway, you’re making sure that your gravel pathway won’t get ruined. You should secure the wooden board edging to pegs that go deeper into the ground. To prevent weeds from growing in between your gravel, you should lay down a weed-proof membrane.

Next, you need to lay crushed stone as the bottom layer and compact it together. This will keep your gravel from shifting around as much as it would regularly. Finally, you are ready to put your gravel on top. And that’s it! With a little digging and a little stomping, you’ll have a beautiful new pathway in your backyard. This pathway could be through a mulch bed to make watering plants easier, or it could run through the middle of your backyard to be a pathway in case of rain or mud. No matter what you want your pathway for, it’s easy to construct, and Sagamore has everything to make your pathway construction a breeze. We offer several different types of gravel that you can use to layer in your path, and we also offer decorative rocks that you can use to edge your pathway. That way, the wood siding doesn’t poke through.

It’s easy to have a classy and decorative gravel pathway to accent your backyard. Take a look at some of the different kinds of gravels that we offer to get started thinking about how your gravel pathway can change the whole look and feel of your yard.