When the air gets brisk and the days get short, you know everyone’s favorite season is coming. It’s time to bring out the pumpkins, apple cider and the sweaters. The beginning of autumn is an exciting time for most people with bonfires and trick-or-treat. It’s important not to neglect your lawn and landscaping since it potentially may be getting a lot of use for the next few weeks while the weather holds out. Snow may be in the near future but you’ve got some time to get ready before the cold arrives.

Fall is a fantastic time to decorate for the season but also to prepare your lawn for the winter. Every yard could use a little fall touchup and there are a number of things to do to get ready for the season. Raking leaves and pruning are synonymous with autumn. For a healthy and lively Ohio landscape, try some of these tips to prep your lawn for cooler weather.

Mulching Tips: When and How to Lay Mulch

Chow to mulch ontrary to popular belief, spring isn’t the best time for spring cleaning. If you are wondering when is the most beneficial time to start spreading mulch or even how to mulch, you may want to consider the fall. Spreading mulch during the fall works to your benefit, as opposed to the spring when everything is already beginning to sprout. Laying mulch in the autumn will better prepare your plants for the coming winter. The best way to spread mulch is by doing it before the temps drop and help retain moisture around the roots throughout the winter. Sweet Peet mulch makes a great barrier to protect the roots from the frost and help extend the life of your plants.

The Best Time for Pruning

Pruning should never be done in the fall. Typically, it encourages growth and since autumn is a time when many plants are dormant, save the pruning for the wet months. Spring is much more suitable as the rain will help expedite growth. Fall is the time to remove dead annuals and tidy up your plants before the winter hits. This is a great opportunity to start a compost heap and you plus won’t have to look at them all winter. The ground will be open and ready to go once everything thaws.


Create a Dry Creek Bed for the Fall

A great accent for your Ohio landscape or lawn is a dry creek bed. Not only does a dry creek bed look great year-round but the upkeep is minimal and it provides some great landscape benefits. It is an extremely efficient way to avoid weeds and still add a natural aesthetic to your lawn. They are easy to make and will last for years to come.  dry creek bed landscaping

Start by digging up the trench and shape the dry creek bed to the design you want. Next, you want to set larger boulders in the creek to create a more natural pattern to your winding creek bed. It also may benefit you to lay down weed fabric either around the boulders or underneath them on the soil. This creates a barrier to prevent weeds from popping up in your dry creek bed. Then, pour smaller river rocks in the bed to cover the fabric and fill in the gaps around the larger boulders. This will create a look similar to a gravel walkway and your dry creek bed will be complete. Line this with tall grasses to complement the natural stone color scheme for a fitting, autumn look.


Ohio Landscape Design

what is top soil If mulch or gravel seems like a foreign concept to you or you find yourself asking “what is topsoil,” then you may need some landscaping guidance. At Sagamore Companies, we have staff that can help give you the landscape design you are seeking. Our seasoned professionals will help you create the vision you have for your Ohio landscape and will also be an extra set of eyes to monitor the project. We will help create an outdoor space that is both welcoming to guests and one that you won’t want to leave.

If you’re after a greener lawn, we have the perfect grass seed for you. Choose from our Sagamore Sunny Mix or the Shady Mix depending on your landscape location and needs. Also, if you find yourself asking “where can I find mulch near me,” we have a full variety for you to choose from. Whether you are on the lookout for screened topsoil, hearty mulch or want to create a gravel walkway, we are here to provide you with quality landscaping products and a knowledgeable team. Our nutrient-rich Sagamore soils will keep your lawn looking healthy and well-maintained even through the fall and winter seasons. Contact us to get started today.