In the age of Pinterest, DIY projects are all the rage, and while they are sometimes cost efficient, you can easily bite off too much and be left with a lot of unused materials and no final product. Such is the case with mulching. Using clippings, eggshells, and hay can all be possible mulch substitutes. While many of these choices are free, or inexpensive, they are aesthetically poor landscape decisions and can have negative side effects. For instance, while it is true that eggshells will return a lot of nitrogen to the soil and can be used in mulch, the smell of eggshells can attract unwanted pests to your home, like raccoons. The same goes for using any kitchen veggie scraps—all will attract unwanted pests.

While you can make your own compost, traditional landscaping includes wood chips and bark. It’s incredibly difficult to make your own wood chips without an actual wood chipping machine, and while you may think that woodchips are a non-essential part of mulch, it’s actually a vital part of your plant’s growth and survival. Mulch helps secure heat for your plant’s roots and gives them precisely the right amount of moisture. If you create mulch without woodchips, you may as well just put topsoil on your plants and hope they survive the cold summer nights. In addition, as mulch works into your soil, it also composts and adds nutrients to your plants. If you make your own, you run the risk of not including the right nutrients that your plants need, and inadvertently under nourishing them. Who wants to deal with the hassle of collecting and blending and mixing with topsoil, and then potentially killing your plants?

To have the most professional looking and attractive lawn, it’s easiest to bring in your local landscaping professionals to do the dirty work for you. If you live in the Northeast Ohio Area, Sagamore Companies has you covered. Our landscaping business can provide you with all the supplies you could possibly want to make your yard look spectacular. Our blends of mulch will keep your wallet and your plants happy. We offer several different blends of mulch, including our Sagamore Silk, Sagamore Premium, our Sweet Peet, Sagamore Envy, and Sagamore Leaf Humus. We even offer playground mulch that’s safe for the kids! Each of our mulches has a specific blend of composted plant fiber, aggregate, and bark. And, if you’re looking to revamp your entire yard’s landscape and design, we also offer decorative rocks, topsoil, and grass seeds. Our landscaping team can put it all in place for you, or you can do it yourself. Either way, with Sagamore Products, your yard will look amazing. Don’t waste time trying to gather together kitchen scraps and wood chips—invest in the quality, blended soil that we offer at Sagamore. We know you’ll be pleased with what we offer.