If you’re like us, then you love the summer because you’re able to plant new flowers and see new blooms. However, while we all love the way flowers look, if you don’t use the right instructions and follow some simple rules of thumb, your garden won’t be flourishing. We have provided for you here the definitive guide for planting in top soil.

First, you have to decide exactly what you’re going to plant. The time of season will determine this. Certain plants will only survive in the fall or spring, and especially if you live in an area that has an early winter, like Northeast Ohio, you will have to be especially careful of when and how you plant your garden. For instance, if you are planting flower bulbs, then you will have to plant them a few seasons early and wait for them to grow in the summer or spring. If you are planting vegetables in a garden, you also might want to be conscious of rotating the different crops so that your ground isn’t stripped of nutrients. You also need to be conscious of where you are planting your flowers and vegetables: for instance, if you are putting them in an area that gets one hour of sun a day, you need to ensure that your plants don’t need six hours of direct sunlight.

If you live in Northeast Ohio, Sagamore Companies will be able to help you with all of your top soil needs. We have several different kinds of top soil, and we can also provide you with mulch to keep your flowers and vegetables warm during the cool winter nights. Our landscaping experts can landscape your yard if you are worried about going it alone. No matter your need, Sagamore is here to help. Check out our top soil today and get started reimagining the landscape of your front yard.