Gravel is an incredibly valuable material with a wide variety of uses. It comes in many different sizes, each one good for certain things. For instance, our large oversize gravel can be used as decoration in gardens, while our small no. 8 gravel can be used in animal pens and on trails. Here, we will provide some of the most creative and useful ways in which you can use no. 34 gravel, one of our most popular gravel sizes.

  1. Decorative pathways: If you have a larger backyard, you may be able to have more freedom and creativity with your landscaping. Decorative paths are not only beautiful, but can also become functional paths when the ground around them is soggy and wet. Creating a path in your backyard is relatively easy, and no. 34 gravel is a great resource to use for any path.
  2. Drainage: Gravel is just one way in which you can create a drainage pathway for your yard. This is especially important if you live in a climate that is extremely wet. You can construct a mixed gravel and sand pathway to lead water to a drain instead of having it flood your yard, creating a mess and headache. You also can use it around pools and fountains to control spillage into the surrounding areas.
  3. Flowerbed adornment: No. 34 gravel creates a beautiful and natural way to adorn your flower beds. Your flower beds can be outlined with this gravel to stand out more against your grass or the gravel can be used to section off different flowers from one another. Regardless, no. 34 gravel is a great way to add some personality to your garden.
  4. Replace your grass: If you live in a climate that is warm or experiencing drought, it’s probable that your grass is dying. In fact, it may actually be illegal for you to water your grass and other plants in an effort to conserve water. Instead of having a constantly brown lawn or risking a hefty fine by watering your grass, you could just replace your grass with gravel. No. 34 gravel is perfect for lawn replacement. You won’t worry about watering your grass and your yard will still be aesthetically interesting.
  5. Create a table: Table is a sort of vague term for the variety of projects you can create using concrete and gravel. By mixing gravel with concrete, you see the beautiful stones while having the stability of concrete. No. 34 gravel is perfect for this because the stones are large and visible. You could use this technique to make a table top, a patio, or a pathway.

Now that you have some inspiration, what are you waiting for?! The nice weather is perfect for experimenting in the yard, and with some of Sagamore’s premium no. 34 gravel, you can’t go wrong. If you have any concerns, the talented landscaping team at Sagamore will be able to lend you a hand.