When planning and maintaining your lawn, it’s important to treat your lawn like a living space. The front and backyard are often overlooked when it comes to designing your home. With a little care and creativity, your yard can be the new favorite spot in your home. Being outside and enjoying nature is proven to not only reduce stress and anxiety, it can also help fight depression. More and more landscapes and yard designs are reflecting the need to relax but also embrace the outdoors.

Your lawn and garden can be like a private getaway right in your home. If it is welcoming and tranquil, you are going to want to spend a lot of time there. Homeowners realize this and often incorporate homey accents into their lawn.

Landscape Trends Are More Vibrant

One way your outside space can provide a Zen and more welcoming space is by being visually inviting. Flowers and shrub designs that are both creative and eye-catching make a space seem livelier and are more interesting. Though past trends have promoted more natural, greener schemes for landscapes, this year’s styles are showing more color. Violets, verbenas and irises are more vibrant flower types and are sure to make a statement. Purple is a huge color with gardening styles currently.

Another popular trend that has emerged is patterned plants. These are plants with bright colored veins, striped leaves or intricate designs of any sort. A unique pop of color or pattern will actually stimulate relaxation and promote a meditative vibe in your landscape. A tranquility garden is a perfect example of making your garden more inviting. More color means more serenity and overall creates a desirable tone in your landscaping. People are prone to stick around and enjoy the scenery if the garden space and outdoor landscaping are stimulating.

In addition to providing a meditation space, vibrant landscapes will also boost curb appeal. Caring for your landscape is not only good for the neighborhood but it can actually help to raise property values. The front yard can sometimes leave the biggest impression on the buyer. Unique colors and shapes will greet them as the first impression that buyers see, and the last thing when they leave. One of the most persuasive real estate factors can be curb appeal.

Don’t Forget Your Yard Aesthetics: Be Inventive

Ohio LandscapeUsually, with some vision and inexpensive accessories, you can achieve impressive results with your landscaping. Especially this season, water is extremely popular. If you want to add a unique touch to your landscape, consider a small pond or waterfall to accent your yard and the surrounding plants. Elements such as fire or water are not only a calming touch for your outdoor space but an elegant one. Natural elements complement any landscape design.


Add some slate or decorative rocks to tie your water feature into your surrounding plants. These natural color tones will complement the greenery of water plants. Ponds also reflect sunlight and disperse it around to the wildlife. This also helps regulate the temperature in your garden. In addition to the visual aesthetic, waterfalls and brooks also provide the classic babbling sound. This adds to the serenity people are seeking in their landscaping.

Avoid Seasonal Boredom in Your Ohio Landscape

Help break up the dreariness of winter by planting flowers that bloom all year and other plants too. Winter landscapingWinter landscaping  will bring life back into your yard. To avoid the dead, dormant look that can so often invade a winter garden, it is helpful to plan your greenery ahead of time. Year ‘round flowers and other late-blooming plants will ensure there is life to your landscape, even when summer colors fade and leaves start to fall. Cabbages, kale, evergreens and holly are great examples of plants that can combat a dreary garden. Winter landscaping can also help put your garden in the right season while remaining lively and setting the mood. Don’t default to a brown garden when the seasons change. Plan ahead and plant accordingly to keep your Ohio landscape blossoming into the colder months.

The Value of Curb Appeal

If flowers, water features and vibrant colors aren’t your style, there are still ways to keep your yard lively and looking well-groomed. We have bulk grass seed and topsoil to make your lawn look like new. Choose from our nutrient-rich topsoil or bio-retention soil to help your landscape thrive. However, if you are lacking a green thumb and still want a well-maintained yard, Sagamore Companies can do the hard work for you. If you are unsure of when and how to mulch, let us handle it. We offer premium Sagamore soils, bulk grass seed and landscape mulch that will keep your space lively and thriving. Contact Sagamore Companies to help you boost your curb appeal and be a source for prime landscaping products. Keep your yard looking healthy, vibrant and tranquil to truly enjoy the outdoors.



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