Do you want your backyard landscape design to stand out from your neighbors? Or, would you prefer a comfy and relaxing place to hang out with friends and family? Well, adding in some landscape design can amplify your backyard’s aesthetic and really make it look like the elegant paradise it is to you. Dry creek bed landscaped pathways are one easy way to do that. Dry creek bed pathways add an Asian flair to backyards, making them look other worldly and clean. You can add in your pathway anywhere, but one simple place to put it is through your mulch beds. A dry creek bed path is easy to form and will allow you to expand your flower beds and overall backyard landscape as far as you want—after all, now you have somewhere to walk!

The first thing you should do is determine where you want your dry creek bed design to go. It can be in the middle of your yard or through your mulch beds. Wherever you decide to put it, you should dig out about 12 inches of dirt from that area. Once you have trampled down the area to be firm, you should cut off some landscaping fabric and lay it over top of your now trampled bed. Next, you should fill the pathway with pea-gravel, and then add river rocks to make it look more natural. If your path is more decorative than functional, you can opt to do away with the pea gravel and landscaping fabric and just add river rocks to the dirt.

There are plenty of creative options to take your dry creek bed pathway to the next level. You can plant flowers in between the rocks to add pops of color among the rocks. You could also add a small bridge over your pathway to create a faux walkway. You can use tiki torches to light the way, or vary the kinds of mulch you use to create contrast. Your pathway could lead to a gate in the fence surrounding your yard, or it could be a purely decorative path that is there to look pretty. The options for your landscape design are endless, and you have complete creativity for your project.

If you do decide to add a dry creek bed to your backyard landscape, you may be wondering where you can pick up all of your materials. Well, if you live in Northeast Ohio, you shouldn’t look any further. Sagamore Companies wants to help you make your elegant backyard dream a reality. We sell all the mulch you would need around your path and the large river rocks to fill your path. Our landscape experts will even build your path for you, because you should be spending your time relaxing, anyway. Let Sagamore Companies help you make your backyard landscape as beautiful as possible, because no matter the task, we are up for the challenge.