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Understanding how Fertilizer works is key to helping you understand which Fertilizer you want to select for any given job.

On most Fertilizer bags, you will see a grouping of three numbers. These numbers tell you the percentage of the three major ingredients that are blended to make that particular type of Fertilizer.

The first number is NITROGEN content. Nitrogen promotes vigorous growth for all plants,grasses,and vegetables. Plants will develop a deeper green color quicker, as Nitrogen encourages Chlorophyll production.

The second number is PHOSPHOROUS or PHOSPHATE content. This stimulates healthy root growth for plants and grasses, which is extra important in getting them established. Also helps flowering plants reach maturity earlier, increases flowering ability, and increases size and number of blooms.

The third and last number is POTASH or POTASSIUM. This strengthens plant tissues and is essential for photosynthesis. Also increases grass and plant resistance to disease and its ability to survive our cold winter months.

*It is always important to follow directions on the bag, as "too much of a good thing" can sometimes be bad. Over-fertilizing can be just as harmful as not fertilizing.

As a general rule, 5 feedings per season is just about right, including the last, or "Fall" application. But do try to apply Fertilizer at least 4 times per year. A good way to remember about WHEN to apply is the keyword "E-M-I-L":

  • Easter
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day, and
  • Labor Day

We are proud to offer a variety of High Quality Professional Fertilizers and Herbicides to help you keep your yard looking great all Season long.


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