Cost of the Slinger vs using a Skid Steer

The Sagamore Slinger is a fast effective way to place topsoil, gravel, or stone. Most contractors use the Sagamore slinger because they can place material exactly where they need it instead of moving the material twice.

The Slinger truck is ideal for topsoil. It keeps the soil loose, giving you a great bed for grass seed and flower beds. Dozers, skid steers or other heavy equipment sometimes compact the soil, making it harder for flower, shrub or tree roots to flourish and take hold. Contractors tell us they often use less topsoil when using the slinger. You could use 20% less material, depending on the type of job.

For a full load of soil, we charge just $277 more to sling the material into place. The slinger holds 20 yards, so it costs $13.85 more per yard to sling and the average job takes just 30 minutes.

Below is the cost to rent a skid steer, move it to the job site, and spread material vs the cost of using our Sagamore Soil Slinger.

Image 1

There are other costs too, including insurance, trailer, and moving equipment to and from the site. For this example, we will say there are $150 extra costs for having a skid steer or dozer spread the material.

The total cost for the day for other heavy equipment is $1,000.

With the Sagamore Slinger, you could sling 4 loads of soil for $1,000. The average time it takes to sling soil is 30 minutes for 20 yards. You could have 4 loads of material spread in about 2 hours, ready for seeding.